Man - The Definitive Collection

Man - The Definitive Collection
Release Date:
June 6, 2000
Prog-Rock, Pub Rock
The Definitive Collection

Even though the first disc of this two-CD set is a combination of both the Revelation and 2 Ozs of Plastic With a Hole in the Middle albums, it's still considered a definitive collection, since it wholly captures Man's free-spirited feel. Similar to Quicksilver Messenger Service in their psychedelic sound and "groovy" aura, Man's music was novel and, at times, whimsical. Remastered and sounding fresh, this band's plunge into organ-churning psychedelia and far-out lyrics is at its best on songs like "Erotica," "Love," and "Spunk Box" as weird culminations of guitar and vocals slide and merge then suddenly tone down as they melt into slow grooves. Cool hi-hat and ride cymbals tinkle and shimmer behind Mellotrons and other assorted synthesizers, as guitarist Deke Leonard and vocalist Mick Jones take turns exchanging their own versions of unblemished Welsh funk. Disc two features singles from the Bystanders, a five piece-band whose members went on to form Man later. Rich in harmony, this band played a style unlike Man's, brandishing a pop-oriented sound, à la Zombies or the 5th Dimension.

Pleasant and sweet, their sound is typical of most British Invasion groups. A slick rendition of Keith's "98.6" is a nice surprise, as well as the nostalgic sounding "If You Walk away" and the school boyish "My Love Come Home." This collection would have been more definitive with the inclusion of "Bananas," Man's best tune, maybe thrown in as a bonus track. Still, the band's essence is well established by the fusion of the two albums, and the Bystanders contributions on disc two are equally amusing.

And in the Beginning / Deke LeonardMan4:22
Sudden Life / Clive John / Deke LeonardMan4:41
Empty Room / Clive John / Ray WilliamsMan3:44
Puella! Puella! (Woman! Woman!) / Micky JonesMan3:34
Love / Deke LeonardMan2:52
Erotica / Clive John / Jeff Jones / Deke Leonard / Ray WilliamsMan4:11
Blind Man / Deke LeonardMan4:17
And Castles Rise in Children's Eyes / Micky JonesMan3:21
Don't Just Stand There (Come in Out of the Rain) / Micky JonesMan4:15
The Missing Pieces / Martin Ace / Clive John / Deke Leonard / Chris ReynoldsMan1:55
The Future Hides Its Face / Deke LeonardMan5:27
Prelude/The Storm / Micky Jones / Deke LeonardMan12:23
It Is as It Must Be / Clive JohnMan8:31
Spunk Box / Micky Jones / Deke LeonardMan5:51
My Name Is Jesus Smith / Micky Jones / Deke LeonardMan4:07
Parchment and Candles / Deke LeonardMan1:50

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