Downsiders - All My Friends Are Fish

Downsiders - All My Friends Are Fish
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All My Friends Are Fish

On their good days the Downsiders could play twisted garage rock that was livelier and more interesting than anything else out there. All My Friends Are Fish was recorded on a day when everything clicked, when Cole Marquis was getting maximum mileage from his dead pan voice, when the band was in perfect form and hammering out a wild melange of psychedelia, folk-punk, and pure garage energy. The musical textures are dazzlingly varied, from the poppy "I Wanna Drive" and menacing hard rock of "Old Black Crow" to numbers that are wildly experimental. The extended intro to "Feet of Clay has a bizarre mix of fuzzed out bass, acoustic guitar, and frantic drumming that sounds like a folk band trying to invent speed metal. "All My Friends Are Fish" is a wonderful momento of a daring and talented band, one which unfortunately never got the recognition they deserved.

I Wanna DriveDownsiders3:42
Wild Honey PieDownsiders0:56
Old Black Crow / Joe JordanDownsiders4:38
All My Friends Are FishDownsiders5:38
Pony Made of IceDownsiders6:05
Cleaning HouseDownsiders2:42
Pablo PicassoDownsiders4:14
Kenny KoughdropDownsiders4:15
Waiting For NothingDownsiders4:26
Feet of ClayDownsiders4:27
She's AlrightDownsiders2:29
Ode To TraciDownsiders4:46
Find (We Can Hide)Downsiders4:39

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