Campground Effect - Campground Effect

Campground Effect - Campground Effect
Release Date:
March 20, 2001
Recording Date:
December 12, 2000
Recording Location:
Absinthe Studio, Denver, CO
Campground Effect

While not a perfect album by any means, the debut album from this trio is certainly worth a listen. The album is jam-packed with tight, palm-muted riffs and well-crafted hooks as well as some extremely passionate vocals. The ability to craft interesting melodies over alternately dissonant and melodic guitar parts will remind some listeners of Archers of Loaf and the Pixies. The Campground Effect may not be in the same league as the aforementioned bands, but they certainly show considerable potential and a tasteful appreciation of their predecessors.

TakeCampground Effect4:03
TanangerCampground Effect5:30
Famous-LikeCampground Effect5:24
Flu SeasonCampground Effect4:32
Money Changes EverythingCampground Effect4:48
CalmlyCampground Effect3:42
Words RecoverCampground Effect5:59
West is LeftCampground Effect3:59
Still LifeCampground Effect4:56
Last Half ChampionsCampground Effect4:04
LifterCampground Effect6:36
UntitledCampground Effect15:20

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