RLW - Vier Vorspiele/L'Oil Retourne

RLW - Vier Vorspiele/L'Oil Retourne
Release Date:
December 7, 1999
Recording Date:
1995 - 1998
Recording Location:
Ralf Wehowsky's Kitchen, Karlsruhe, Germany; Studio Du CFMI De Lyon
Vier Vorspiele/L'Oil Retourne

This disc is one of the more evocative musique concrète discs to appear around the turn of the century. Both pieces run in several layers, from quiet sustained high pitches to distant thunder sounds to muffled drones and crackles. For Vier Vorspiele, Wehowsky's first major release after his massive opus Tulpas, he continues the ghost image metaphor by citing an earlier version of Marchetti's "L'oeil Retourné," as well as his own collaboration with Splintered. The piece is actually a set of four, although there is only one track, and it is characterized by great depth and clarity. Each piece, bounded by short, loud bursts, has its own distinctive character, from the quiet high-pitched sounds and crackles of the opening, the processed field recordings of the second, the layered drones of the third, and the quiet abstractions of the final piece. "L'oeil Retourné" uses various types of field recordings, ranging from a walk in the woods, various radio broadcasts, and scratchy old recordings, to wind and whispers. Marchetti utilizes a piercing cry, which sounds like an operatic soprano or a bird call, depending on the context, as a unifying structural point. In addition, Marchetti includes some of Wehowsky's recordings as source material: selections from Wehowsky's Pullover CD and Eyes EP (which is in turn an early version of "Vier Vorspiele"). But by programming Wehowsky's selection first on the CD, the listener is seldom aware of direct citations, hearing instead two like-minded creators of finely tuned sound worlds.

Vier Vorspiele / Ralf WehowskyRLW feat: Dorothea Conradi / Ralf Wehowsky17:18
L' Oeil Retourné / Lionel MarchettiRLW feat: Lionel Marchetti24:27

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