Heavy Metal Kids - Hit the Right Button

Heavy Metal Kids - Hit the Right Button
Release Date:
June 17, 2003
Recording Location:
DiddeStudio, Milan, Italy
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Album Rock
Hit the Right Button

Re-forming around three original members but scarcely comparable to the band that burned so brightly (if briefly) during the mid-'70s, the Heavy Metal Kids returned to the fray just short of their own 30th anniversary and, astonishingly, attracted more applause in this guise than they ever mustered the first time around. The most obvious difference between then and now, of course, is keyboard player Danny Peyronel's vocals -- nobody could truly replace the late Gary Holton, but Peyronel's tones were at least familiar from his vocal outings on the three original albums, and with a set of songs that matched them -- something that was rarely the case the first time around -- he acquits himself well. Both "Message" and "Blow It All Away" certainly hark back to former days, while the ballad "I Walk Alone" could easily be compared with Anvil Chorus' "Situation's Out of Control." There's also a revitalized sense of the old band's ability to mix things up -- the album's closer, "Crool World," is all over the place stylistically, but has a dynamically anthemic quality regardless. In fairness to the old brand name, the reborn Kids have as much in common with Peyronel's stint in UFO as with the Heavy Metal Kids of legend. But Hit the Right Button certainly lives up to its title and, if all reunions could prove this successful, maybe listeners wouldn't groan so much when learning about another one headed down the turnpike.

MessageHeavy Metal Kids2:45
Girl of My Dreams / Ronald ThomasHeavy Metal Kids3:57
Blow It All AwayHeavy Metal Kids3:52
Hit the Right Button (Make the Elevator Stop)Heavy Metal Kids3:21
WildlifeHeavy Metal Kids2:46
N.Y. StreetlifeHeavy Metal Kids0:56
Viva New York / Richie RannoHeavy Metal Kids3:26
I Walk AloneHeavy Metal Kids5:46
Crool WorldHeavy Metal Kids4:24
WhiskyHeavy Metal Kids feat: Isabelle Lemauff2:51
A Hundred SkeletonsHeavy Metal Kids3:29
Gotham CityHeavy Metal Kids4:29
VoicesHeavy Metal Kids4:51

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