Misery Index - Traitors

Misery Index - Traitors
Release Date:
September 30, 2008
Recording Date:
May, 2008
Recording Location:
God City Studios, Salem, MA
Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Grindcore

Already probably the most technically precise subgenre of metal on the planet, how much farther can grindcore be pushed beyond its limit? Well, you can think of Baltimore's Misery Index as sonic scientists -- charting the genre's progress -- on their 2008 release, Traitors. As with most similarly styled groups of the aforementioned genre, there is not a heck of a whole lot of musical variety or variation featured throughout Traitors, as the Misery Index gentlemen keep things as precise, tight, and brutal as possible from start to finish. As a result, you can take your pick of any of the album's tracks ("Theocracy," the title track, etc.), and be prepared for a complete sonic assault. Which brings up an obvious question -- in the wake of Traitors, how much further can Misery Index possibly go musically, before it all implodes?

We Never Come in PeaceMisery Index1:59
TheocracyMisery Index4:31
Partisans of GriefMisery Index3:36
TraitorsMisery Index2:23
Ghosts of CataloniaMisery Index5:00
OccupationMisery Index4:43
Ruling Class CancelledMisery Index2:07
The ArbiterMisery Index2:02
American IdolatryMisery Index2:19
Thrown into the SunMisery Index3:58
Black SitesMisery Index4:44

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