Cláudia - Passaro Emigrante

Cláudia - Passaro Emigrante
Release Date:
Recording Location:
Reunidos Studio, Spain
Latin Folk
Passaro Emigrante

Brazilian songwriter and chanteuse Claudia recorded this little gem in 1978; Epic issued it on both sides of the Atlantic in 1979, and here in the states it disappeared without a trace. It's too bad, too. This reissue brings to us, through the veil of history, the shimmering, glistening, stylishly glassy sheen that was Brazilian pop at the end of the 1970s.

Not as heavy-handed as Julia or Deodato's records, and not as electronic as those of Sergio Mendes at the time, Claudia's music is still full of the gorgeous bossa stylistics that made her a star in the first place. Writing virtually all of the material herself with husband Chico, who did all the orchestral and vocal arrangements, and with production assistance from the incomparable Romeli Giosa, Claudia delved into the soul and funk of the era only lightly, dusting her specifically Brazilian tunes with a sheen of it for contemporary pop's sake ("Boiadeiro") and even harkening back to the strange rhythmic innovations of tropicalia on "Rua 33 Numero Particular." Post bossa work also shows itself here is spades on "Ta-Lento" and the title track, with samba rhythms criss-crossing the mix and disappearing into simmering Afro-Cuban soul. This is a solid piece of work that belongs ion any serious Brazilian library.

Morena de Uganda / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia3:23
Boiadeiro / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia3:09
Rua 33 Número Particular / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia3:14
Medo / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia2:50
Uá Uá / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia3:31
Tá-Lento / Chico MedoriCláudia2:33
Luar Nos Olhos de Luana / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia2:53
Salve, Rainha / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia3:03
Rédeas / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia3:34
Pássaro Emigrante / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia3:50
Ascenção / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia4:07
Transcendência / Cláudia / Chico MedoriCláudia3:21

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