Hacienda Brothers - Hacienda Brothers

Hacienda Brothers - Hacienda Brothers
Release Date:
February 22, 2005
Recording Location:
Cavern Recording Studios, Tucson, AZ; Esquire Ranch, Tuscon, AZ; Honkytonk Hacienda; The Cavern Recording Studios, Tucson, AZ; The Cavern Recording Studios, Tuscon, AZ; The Honky Tonk Hacienda; The Honky Tonk Hacienda And Esquire Ranch, Tucson, AZ
Bakersfield Sound, Honky Tonk, Contemporary Country, New Traditionalist
Hacienda Brothers

Traditional honky tonk may be dead, but don't tell the Hacienda Brothers that -- they not only think it's still alive and kicking, they play the stuff as if their lives depended on it. An inspired collaboration between rough-hewn singer/songwriter Chris Gaffney and Paladins guitar picker Dave Gonzalez, the Hacienda Brothers' debut album gets marvelously sympathetic production from Memphis R&B legend Dan Penn, who also lends his estimable songwriter skills to two cuts, and obviously encouraged the band to walk the fine line between old-school country and old-school soul, hitting an emotional sweet spot that's deeply affecting. If Gaffney doesn't have the smoothest vocal instrument in the world, it richly communicates in the manner of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Paycheck, and he writes hurtin' songs with the best of them, while Gonzalez's sharp, concise guitar lines would have done any number of Bakersfield pickers proud. The Hacienda Brothers don't bring a wealth of new textures to the sound and structure of classic country, but they play in the time-honored manner with grit, soul and passion, and that's what has always set the best of this music apart; this album isn't the sound of two guys rehashing the past, but proving how much can still be said within the boundaries of the honky tonk style, and it's a true pleasure to hear.

She's GoneHacienda Brothers3:27
Mental Revenge / Mel TillisHacienda Brothers3:44
Leavin' on My Mind / Dave GonzalezHacienda Brothers2:43
I'm So Proud / Chris Gaffney / Dave Gonzalez / Teddy Morgan / Jeb Bley SchoonoverHacienda Brothers3:03
South of Lonesome / Carl MontgomeryHacienda Brothers2:37
Lookin' for Loneliness / Dave Gonzalez / Dan PennHacienda Brothers2:53
Walkin' on My Dreams / Dave GonzalezHacienda Brothers3:39
Railed / Dave GonzalezHacienda Brothers2:25
No Time to Waste / Chris Gaffney / Dave Gonzalez / Jeb Bley SchoonoverHacienda Brothers2:45
The Years That Got Away / Dan PennHacienda Brothers3:48
Seven Little Numbers / Chris Gaffney / Dave Gonzalez / Hank ManingerHacienda Brothers3:02
I've Got a Secret / Fred NeilHacienda Brothers5:15
Turn to Grey / Chris GaffneyHacienda Brothers3:56
Saguaro / Chris Gaffney / Dave Gonzalez / Hank Maninger / Jeb Bley SchoonoverHacienda Brothers4:23

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