Asia - Archiva, Vol. 1

Asia - Archiva, Vol. 1
Release Date:
September 17, 1996
Recording Date:
1988 - 1996
Album Rock, Art Rock, Prog-Rock, Arena Rock
Archiva, Vol. 1

Archiva, Vol. 1 really is a very pop-oriented album. Asia was an intriguing band when it began, always based solidly in pop traditions, but also with a good deal of progressive rock leanings.

This album shows little of that prog flair, except in brief moments. However, the inclusion of the Steve Howe solo "Ginger" -- a definite gem -- is one good reason to own this album. Geoff Downes and John Payne are featured on all tracks; there are several other musicians present here as well, most notably Howe.

Heart of Gold / Geoffrey Downes / John PayneAsia4:46
Tears / Geoffrey Downes / Johnny WarmanAsia4:58
Fight Against the Tide / Andy Nye / John PayneAsia5:30
We Fall Apart / Geoffrey Downes / John PayneAsia4:57
The Marimer's Dream / John PayneAsia1:27
Boys from Diamond City / Geoffrey Downes / Johnny WarmanAsia5:43
A.L.O. / Andy Nye / John PayneAsia3:40
Reality / Geoffrey Downes / John PayneAsia4:29
I Can't Wait a Lifetime / Andy Nye / John PayneAsia3:34
Dusty Road / Max Bacon / Geoffrey DownesAsia4:30
I Believe / Andy Nye / John PayneAsia3:42
Ginger / Geoffrey Downes / Steve Howe / John PayneAsia2:03

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