Gentleman Jesse & His Men - Introducing Gentleman Jesse & His Men

Gentleman Jesse & His Men - Introducing Gentleman Jesse & His Men
Release Date:
September 15, 2008
Recording Date:
November, 2007 - December, 2007
Garage Punk, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
Introducing Gentleman Jesse & His Men

The cover artwork to Jesse Smith's first album with his combo Gentleman Jesse & His Men visually quotes the sleeve to Elvis Costello's 1978 masterpiece This Year's Model, which is a pretty nervy move for a musician whose music is so clearly modeled after the energetic pop of the new wave era. But Smith has plenty of talent to go along with that chutzpah, and at its best, Gentleman Jesse sounds like a lost classic from the era that gave us Costello, the Jam, and Squeeze. Smith has a rare gift for writing bright, hooky pop tunes that also have plenty of rock & roll muscle, and he can sing them with the right blend of spunk and yearning to make them work. Smith and his band -- Craig Johnson on guitar, Dustin Nigro on bass, and Dave Rahn on drums -- bring the songs to high-spirited life and they're just smart enough to know this isn't punk rock; unlike many younger acts enamored of the first graduating class of new wave, they understand that you need to play this with energy, but that doesn't mean roaring though at breakneck speed, and the sense of restraint not only gives this the right period flavor but lets the melodies soar even higher. "Highland Crawler" kicks off the album with a guitar riff Nick Lowe himself would have been proud to borrow, "All I Need Tonight" is such a perfect "lookin' for a cool girl" tune that it's hard to believe it isn't a cover, "If I Can See You" is a glorious blast of passion and urgent romanticism, and their version of the Equals' "I Get So Excited" is a masterstroke. It's tempting to call Gentleman Jesse the best 1977 album of 2008, but Smith and his bandmates aren't stuck in the past, they're just guys who understand a classic style and play it with fresh energy and skill, and if you dig a great pop song played by someone who means it, this album is well worth your time.

Highland CrawlerGentleman Jesse & His Men3:08
Black HoleGentleman Jesse & His Men2:43
All I Need Tonight (Is You)Gentleman Jesse & His Men2:32
The Rest of My DaysGentleman Jesse & His Men2:40
AttentionGentleman Jesse & His Men3:13
ButterfingersGentleman Jesse & His Men1:58
You Don't Have To (If You Don't Want To)Gentleman Jesse & His Men3:39
I Get So ExcitedGentleman Jesse & His Men2:21
SidewalksGentleman Jesse & His Men2:31
You Got Me Where You Want MeGentleman Jesse & His Men2:35
Wrong TimeGentleman Jesse & His Men1:51
If I Can See You (You're Too Close to Me)Gentleman Jesse & His Men2:11
Put Your Hands TogetherGentleman Jesse & His Men3:01

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