Donovan - Golden Tracks

Donovan - Golden Tracks
Release Date:
August 22, 2000
British Folk, British Invasion, British Psychedelia, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic/Garage, Singer/Songwriter, Psychedelic Pop
Golden Tracks

This album, which was Donovan's 17th studio project, was originally released as Lady of the Stars in 1984. It included re-recordings of two of his 1960s classics, "Sunshine Superman" and "Season of the Witch," neither of which came close to improving on the original versions. Most of what is here is forgettable, save for the competent title track, "Lady of the Stars," which has a little bit of the old Donovan magic, and a re-recording of the odd "Local Boy Chops Wood," reportedly written for former Rolling Stone Brian Jones, the original version of which had appeared on 1977's Donovan. Lady of the Stars has been reissued countless times by several labels under an assortment of titles, including Till I See You Again, Gold, Golden Hits, Golden Tracks, Forever Gold, Sunshine Superman (not to be confused with Donovan's fine 1966 release of the same title), and Sunshine Troubador.

Lady of the Stars / DonovanDonovan4:36
I Love You Baby / John Lee Hooker / Freddy WilliamsDonovan3:24
Bye, Bye Girl / DonovanDonovan3:26
Every Reason / DonovanDonovan3:06
Season of the Witch / DonovanDonovan5:25
For Every Boy There Is a Girl / DonovanDonovan4:39
Local Boy Chops Wood / DonovanDonovan3:30
Living for the Love Light in Your Eyes / DonovanDonovan3:44
Till I See You Again / DonovanDonovan3:16
Sunshine Superman / DonovanDonovan4:59

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