Michael Cain - Evidence of Things Unseen

Michael Cain - Evidence of Things Unseen
Release Date:
April 20, 1999
Recording Location:
Harmony Hall, Matsumoto, Japan
Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz
Evidence of Things Unseen

Michael Cain's first solo album, Evidence of Things Unseen, was recorded in 1994 in Harmony Hall, a classical music venue located in the Japanese Alps. Harmony Hall boasts an Austrian-built pipe organ and a Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano, which was used to create Evidence of Things Unseen. Using just the hall, piano and Cain's playing, the album forms a spacious yet deeply personal sonic world.

Released on the Japanese/American M-A label five years after it was recorded, Evidence of Things Unseen is a distinctive solo jazz piano album that shouldn't go unheard.

The Evidence of Things Unseen / Michael CainMichael Cain5:15
All My Life / Michael CainMichael Cain4:18
Maria Becomes Rotwang's Prisoner / Michael CainMichael Cain7:09
Home Continuity / Michael CainMichael Cain7:57
Kobe / Michael CainMichael Cain5:40
Maria and Rotwang Struggle / Michael CainMichael Cain8:03
Maria Dances Her Freedom / Michael CainMichael Cain6:12
Memoria / Michael CainMichael Cain7:10
Talk Speak / Michael CainMichael Cain6:07

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