Erik Lindgren - Erik Lindgren Sells Out

Erik Lindgren - Erik Lindgren Sells Out
Release Date:
November 20, 2001
Recording Date:
1979 - July, 1987
Erik Lindgren Sells Out

Lindgren's more pop-minded recordings are basically commercial pop with tinges of eclectic idiosyncratic auteurism. The term "commercial" is not just an adjective; he's made part of his living by composing and recording commercial jingles. A few of them are even on this retrospective of sorts of his most vintage accessible work, recorded between 1979 and 1985 with various aggregations of musicians and culled from a wealth of obscure indie singles, LPs, and -- of course -- jingles. It's an unavoidably erratic, sporadically amusing disc that, like a fly trapped in the house, never really finds a comfortable home. It's obvious that he loves the Beach Boys and power pop, often sounding like Beach Boys, Left Banke, or Raspberries songs in need of a better vocalist (Lindgren himself occasionally taking the vocal chores). The commercials sound like, well, commercials, perhaps a little more imaginative and power pop-indebted than the ones you hear on your average talk radio station, but still not things you feel like hearing over and over again (though, ironically, they were expressly designed as something that would have to be played over and over again). The production is again a little eccentric but rather mainstream, and too slick in that early-'80s booming drums-and-synth manner, when your standard rock setup would have served these pop/rock tunes better.

No One on the End of the Line / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:00
In With the Outs / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:26
Waltham Camera and Stereo # 2 (1982) / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren1:01
Another Cape Cod Summer (This Year) / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:09
American Kids (Still Wanna Rock) / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:41
Christmas Tree Shop- Dont You Just Love a Bargain / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren0:32
Rough School Year / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:34
Wideyed Faith / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:33
Deerskin Trading Post / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren1:00
Reconsider Me / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren5:37
Everything / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:10
WBZ TV 4- You Gotta Have ArtsErik Lindgren0:34
Burning Candles / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:06
You Make Me Go Bad / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:47
Great Northern Sound (Medley) / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren0:49
Round and Round / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren2:50
One Right Way to Win Me / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:55
Pedestal / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:20
United Cooperative Bank- Anything GoesErik Lindgren0:52
Forever / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:24
Roller Coaster / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren2:29
Where's the Hubbub / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren1:02
Leaving on the Next Train / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:33
What Happens to the World / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:05
Waltham Camera and Stereo # 1 (1979) / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren1:13
What Now / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:29
Love Gets Lost / Erik Lindgren / Eric VanErik Lindgren4:18
Grossmans- You Can Do It / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren0:56
High Stakes Moves and Shakes / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren3:47
Mr. Goodbar Has a Nutty Side / Erik LindgrenErik Lindgren0:29

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