Primitive Reason - Some of Us

Primitive Reason - Some of Us
Release Date:
September 19, 2000
Recording Location:
RPM Studios; Sonalyst Studios
Progressive Trance, Trance
Some of Us

A conspicuous excursion into wondrous and hybrid visions of alternative rock, Some of Us, Primitive Reason's third album, their debut in the U.S., confirms the crew's improved disposition to extend the ways of fusing styles and sounds.

The masteries of the Portuguese band remarkably expand beyond any patterned barrier that could offset their creations. Using trumpets, saxophones, and turntables; singing in English or Spanish; delivering hard rock-edged tunes supplied by captivating straining guitars; or simply pounding dazzling rhythms, Primitive Reason travels along the ways of ska, funk, and other exotic fusing areas. "The Day Will Come" and "No Lying Stings" are just two of the tracks expressing their eccentric musical mission. Erecting upon a strong rhythm section secured by Jorge Felizardo (drums) and Guillermo de Llera (bass), both themes slide across danceable riffs and frenetic, funky beats. Running on an opposite creative scenario, themes like "Walkabout" and "Poison Plants" show off as rousing alternative metal tracks, supplied by ponderous guitars and forceful intensive drumming.

The disc's lyrical section is almost an exclusive of bassist and vocalist de Llera, also responsible for the programming section.

Some of Us' lyrics correspondingly emerge as stimulating eccentric journeys filled with complex sense scenarios alongside impressively pictured delusions. At the end, Primitive Reason demonstrates their ability to compose on risky grounds, and in addition strengthen the concept of building a mark of their own.

The Day Will ComePrimitive Reason4:28
The Sage / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason3:11
El Plemero / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason3:25
No Lying Stings / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason4:18
Wanea / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason3:30
Beat Down / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason4:25
Dust / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason4:40
Dream 2831 / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason3:20
Rotta Rotta Te / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason1:13
Walkabout / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason4:07
Poison Plants / Primitive ReasonPrimitive Reason17:34

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