Tim Lyddon - I've Traveled So Far

Tim Lyddon - I've Traveled So Far
Release Date:
August 27, 2001
Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz
I've Traveled So Far

California-born but now New York-based pianist Tim Lyddon takes us on a calm, but powerful, journey through the possibilities of one of the oldest configurations in jazz: the piano trio. With just two familiar works on the ten-piece musical agenda, Lyddon uses his original compositions as the major pilot for this excursion. But familiar standard "I Thought About You" gets intriguing improvisational treatment. This piece could very well have been subtitled, variations on a theme, as Lyddon embarks on a quest of extemporization with only occasional reference to the melody, probing in depth the potentialities of this piece with fascinating chordal restructuring. His own music provides the foundation for his strong inductive unfolding of the themes of his originals. Analytical, but at the same time establishing a feeling of serenity and calm owed not only to the pianist's unruffled technique, but also to the meditative playing of the other two members of the trio, Tom Hubbard on bass and Scott Latzky on drums. Even Latzky's lengthy drum solo on "Freedom Piece" is a masterful understatement of the art of drumming, hardly raising its percussive voice. Yet at the same time, the tempos are not slow and plodding, but at the minimum somewhat speedy.

The facility to be fast and strong without being loud and obstreperous is a rare ability indeed found only among the better keyboard performers. "What Time Is It?" is as good an example as any of this ability, as well as highlighting Hubbard's bass. This is a session that is both stimulating and challenging without becoming annoyingly distracting and is recommended.

I've Traveled So Far / Tim LyddonTim Lyddon4:21
Angela / Tim LyddonTim Lyddon6:46
Theme for a Lost Real / Tim LyddonTim Lyddon7:09
I Should Care / Sammy Cahn / Axel Stordahl / Paul WestonTim Lyddon8:09
Dreamland / Tim LyddonTim Lyddon8:55
Just Passin' By / Tim LyddonTim Lyddon7:13
Beautiful Feeling / Tim LyddonTim Lyddon6:17
What Time Is It? / Tim LyddonTim Lyddon5:13
Freedom Piece / Tim LyddonTim Lyddon7:24
I Thought About You / James Van Heusen / Johnny MercerTim Lyddon4:10

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