Raven-Symoné - Undeniable

Raven-Symoné - Undeniable
Release Date:
April 27, 1999
Recording Location:
New Horizon Sounds Studios, Capital Heights MD

Most child stars can never have a successful second act in showbiz, since it's impossible to overcome the image that has become embedded in the popular consciousness. For Raven-Symone, it's even more difficult, because not only was she a member of The Cosby Show and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, but she released a music album when she was a child, thereby giving herself two impressions to overcome. That's what she tries to do with her second album, Undeniable. Although she's in her late teens and is making danceable teen-pop, there is a clear indication on the record that she wants to be taken seriously and not treated as a child -- all perfectly understandable desires.

While the record is flawed, Symone does prove she can sing, and a few of the cuts are catchy. It doesn't quite hit the levels of such peers as Monica, Brandy or Britney Spears, but Undeniable does have enough strong moments to go a long way toward establishing Symone as a credible vocalist.

With a Child's Heart / Jerome "Rome" JeffersonRaven-Symoné3:53
I Can Get Down / Jerome "Rome" JeffersonRaven-Symoné4:01
Hip Hoppers / Jerome "Rome" JeffersonRaven-Symoné4:18
Slow Down / Jerome "Rome" JeffersonRaven-Symoné4:52
Best Friends / Jerome "Rome" Jefferson / Raven-SymonéRaven-Symoné4:18
People Make the World Go Round / Linda CreedRaven-Symoné4:15
Bounce / Jerome "Rome" JeffersonRaven-Symoné4:41
I Love You / Stevie WonderRaven-Symoné4:51
Lean on Me / Jerome "Rome" JeffersonRaven-Symoné4:07
With a Child's Heart / Vicky Basemore / Henry Cosby / Alvin Davis / Sylvia MoyRaven-Symoné5:34
Pure Love / E. Day / Freddy Boy SawyerRaven-Symoné3:31
With a Child's Heart / Jerome "Rome" JeffersonRaven-Symoné3:38

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