Tom DeLonge - To the Stars: Demos, Odds and Ends

Tom DeLonge - To the Stars: Demos, Odds and Ends
Release Date:
April 21, 2015
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk Revival, Punk-Pop, Post-Grunge
To the Stars: Demos, Odds and Ends

Released quickly in the spring of 2015, To the Stars: Demos, Odds and Ends -- which is the first album released under Tom DeLonge's name, although it's certainly not the first to be masterminded by the frontman of blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves -- doesn't make any attempt to disguise that this is, indeed, "odds and ends." It's likely that a good portion of these eight tracks were designed with the 2015 blink reunion in mind -- "New World" and "An Endless Summer" feel like spruced-up, vaguely mature spins on classic blink, "Circle-Jerk-Pit" and "Golden Showers in the Golden State" remain proudly juvenile -- but the neo-New Wave of "Suburban Kings" and "Landscapes" is certainly within A&A's wheelhouse. By showcasing the two sides of DeLonge's musical personality, To the Stars does feel like a solo album but it also does feel a bit like a warehouse -- a way to clear the decks as he preps for the next great project.

New WorldTom DeLonge3:34
An Endless SummerTom DeLonge4:09
Suburban KingsTom DeLonge4:10
The Invisible ParadeTom DeLonge3:29
Circle-Jerk-PitTom DeLonge1:59
LandscapesTom DeLonge2:14
AnimalsTom DeLonge3:41
Golden Showers in the Golden StateTom DeLonge2:35

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