Marc Streitenfeld - Welcome to the Rileys

Marc Streitenfeld - Welcome to the Rileys
Release Date:
November 2, 2010
Film Score, Soundtracks, Original Score
Welcome to the Rileys

Composer Marc Streitenfeld's score for director Jake Scott's intimate family drama Welcome to the Rileys is a low-key effort played on a small collection of acoustic folk instruments. Streitenfeld himself plays banjo, piano, guitar, and percussion, adding other musicians on harp, mandolin, upright bass, violin, and cello. They play slow, contemplative pieces sometimes (e.

g., "Alive") with a country feel, but always expressing quiet turmoil. After Streitenfeld's 12 cues, the soundtrack album contains six songs in a variety of styles, beginning with Kitty, Daisy & Lewis' cover of Canned Heat's "Going Up the Country" and including a bluesy performance of "Go Down, Sunshine" by Odetta; Joe Simon's soulful "Teenager's Prayer"; Shiny Toy Guns' dance-rock tune "Le Disko"; the Kills' alternative rock "U.R.A. Fever"; and Ying Yang Twins' hip-hop "Jigglin." In the film, such source music no doubt makes sense in the scenes in which it is used, although it makes the album seem like a miscellany.

Welcome to the Rileys~Welcome to the Rileys / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld1:25
Welcome to the Rileys~Rebirth / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld1:53
Welcome to the Rileys~I Am Here / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld2:11
Welcome to the Rileys~Walking in New Orleans / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld1:27
Welcome to the Rileys~Alive / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld1:28
Welcome to the Rileys~Trouble Sleeping / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld0:48
Welcome to the Rileys~Private Parts / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld1:07
Welcome to the Rileys~Headstone / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld0:45
Welcome to the Rileys~Time / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld1:39
Welcome to the Rileys~On the Road / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld0:57
Welcome to the Rileys~Nobody's Little Girl / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld1:55
Welcome to the Rileys~Endtitle - Walking Reprise / Marc StreitenfeldMarc Streitenfeld1:30
Going up the Country / Alan WilsonMarc Streitenfeld3:16
Go Down Sunshine / TraditionalMarc Streitenfeld2:21
Teenager's Prayer / Leonard AllenMarc Streitenfeld2:31
Le Disko / Jeremy Dawson / Stephen PetreeMarc Streitenfeld3:25
U.R.A. Fever / Jamie Hince / Alison MosshartMarc Streitenfeld2:16
Jigglin / Michael "Mr. Collipark" Crooms / Deongelo Holmes / Eric JacksonMarc Streitenfeld3:26

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