James Horner - The Spiderwick Chronicles [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

James Horner - The Spiderwick Chronicles [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Release Date:
October 3, 2005
Recording Location:
Todd-AO Scoring Studio, Studio City, CA
Film Score, Film Music, Original Score, Soundtracks
The Spiderwick Chronicles [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

James Horner's score for The Spiderwick Chronicles is suitably dramatic, if not particularly inspired. It seems odd that the composer who also provided the evocative score for Titanic wouldn't use the opportunity of a children's fantasy film to create at least one memorable theme, but that seems to be the case here -- unlike similar scores (John Williams' iconic music for the Harry Potter series comes to mind), there are no recurring movements on The Spiderwick Chronicles that signal or symbolize characters and plot twists. Despite its resemblance to some of Williams' more whimsical works, the score ends up feeling restrained and unable to keep up with the adventurous plot it's meant to accompany.

The Spiderwick Chronicles sounds fine, but there isn't much heart in it.

The Spiderwick Chronicles, film score
Writing the Chronicles / James HornerJames Horner3:03 Amazon
So Many New Worlds Revealed / James HornerJames Horner5:12 Amazon
Thimbletack and the Goblins / James HornerJames Horner5:15 Amazon
Hogsqueal's Warning of a Bargain With Mulgarath / James HornerJames Horner5:16 Amazon
Discovering Spiderwick's Secret Workshop / James HornerJames Horner3:24 Amazon
Dark Armies From the Forest Attack / James HornerJames Horner3:06 Amazon
Burning the Book / James HornerJames Horner2:43 Amazon
A Desperate Run Through the Tunnels / James HornerJames Horner4:47 Amazon
Lucinda's Story / James HornerJames Horner6:01 Amazon
The Flight of the Griffin / James HornerJames Horner6:55 Amazon
Escape From the Glade / James HornerJames Horner4:44 Amazon
The Protective Circle Is Broken...! / James HornerJames Horner2:07 Amazon
Jared And Mulgarath Fight for the Chronicles / James HornerJames Horner4:17 Amazon
Coming Home / James HornerJames Horner6:17 Amazon
Closing Credits / James HornerJames Horner8:23 Amazon

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