Infamous Playa Family - Focused on Ambitions

Infamous Playa Family - Focused on Ambitions
Release Date:
May 18, 1999
Recording Location:
Game Tite Studios USA; Track Designs Inc; Yard Sound Studio
Gangsta Rap
Focused on Ambitions
Naver Face JusticeInfamous Playa Family0:52
You Only Live OnceInfamous Playa Family4:28
Shorty Loves MeInfamous Playa Family4:46
Stay FocusedInfamous Playa Family0:31
Diamons and GoldInfamous Playa Family5:27
Infamous ThemeInfamous Playa Family4:33
Trails of LifeInfamous Playa Family3:47
Blast FirstInfamous Playa Family3:39
Never Feel Such PainInfamous Playa Family5:09
InterludeInfamous Playa Family1:34
Love Life LoyaltyInfamous Playa Family4:11
I'll Make You InfamousInfamous Playa Family3:11
Playa DownInfamous Playa Family5:07
7 Day Power StruggleInfamous Playa Family4:11
Str8 up PlayaInfamous Playa Family6:17
Game Tite MilitiaInfamous Playa Family4:59

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