Tamara - Siempre

Tamara - Siempre
Release Date:
January 29, 2002
Recording Location:
Castel Recording, Miami, FL; Criteria; Extreme Music, Miami, FL; The Gallery, Miami, FL; The Hit Factory, Miami, FL
Latin Pop, Bolero, Western European Traditions

A throwback record to be sure, Siempre marries Tamara's fetching balladry to a set of strings and traditional arrangements cooked up by producer Bebu Silvetti. From the title-track opener, Silvetti relies on sweeping strings and few synthesizers, an organic effect that improves the sound. Tamara's voice is excellent too, definitely emotional but never overly hysterical; she emphasizes slight trills and catches in her voice with an expert's sense of control. Of course, Siempre is a very conservative record, but it's a highlight for MOR Latin pop, led by tracks like "Siempre," "Miénteme," and "Por Más de Mil Razones," with a whisper of strings echoing the light Spanish guitar.

Herida de Amor / Bebu SilvettiTamara4:18
Por Más de Mil RazonesTamara3:08
Si Faltas Tú / Pablo PinillaTamara4:32
No Es un Capricho / Bebu SilvettiTamara4:39
Miénteme / A. DomínguezTamara4:03
Es Nuestra Despedida / Bebu SilvettiTamara3:40
Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir / Angel CabralTamara4:15
Cómo Me GustaTamara3:12
Todavía / Armando ManzaneroTamara3:43

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