Susperia - Attitude

Susperia - Attitude
Release Date:
May 19, 2009
Recording Date:
2007 - 2008
Recording Location:
Strand Studio; Studio Cyrus
Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Scandinavian Metal, Doom Metal

If their 2006 recording, Cut from Stone, didn't convince listeners that Susperia are not black metal oriented, their 2009 release, Attitude, offers additional proof. Cut from Stone had nothing to do with black metal, and Attitude certainly doesn't either. But it isn't hard to understand why some black metal enthusiasts will hope to find black metal on Attitude. Susperia, after all, includes former Dimmu Borgir drummer Kenneth Åkesson, (aka Tjodalv), and former Satyricon guitarist Terje Andersen, (aka Cyrus) -- and when a band includes ex-members of Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon, it's only natural that some black metal diehards will insist that their albums should be black metal manifestos. But then, the fact that a musician has a history of playing black metal doesn't mean that he/she is obligated to play black metal exclusively. Åkesson and Andresen obviously wanted to try something different -- something that is a departure from their previous bands but is still metal related -- and Susperia has given them that opportunity. Picking up where Cut from Stone left off, Attitude offers an aggressive yet melodic blend of thrash metal and alternative metal. The stylistic comparisons that were accurate on Cut from Stone (including Sepultura, Exodus, Testament, and Anthrax) are also relevant on Attitude, which gets in the listener's face (the disc, as its title indicates, has plenty of attitude) but isn't without nuance. Dimmu Borgir vocalist Shagrath makes a guest appearance on "Sick Bastard," and even then, this 31-minute CD maintains its thrash/alt metal focus. Attitude, like Cut from Stone, falls short of remarkable but is a decent, worthwhile effort -- and both Åkesson and Andresen sound like they are having fun operating outside of black metal.

The UrgeSusperia3:57
Live My DreamsSusperia3:30
Elegy and SufferingSusperia3:57
Sick BastardSusperia4:05
Another TurnSusperia3:23
Mr. StrangerSusperia4:42
Character FlawSusperia4:28
The One After AllSusperia5:04

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