William Christie / Cappella Coloniensis Chorus - Johann Adolf Hasse: Cleofide [Scenes and Arias]

William Christie / Cappella Coloniensis Chorus - Johann Adolf Hasse: Cleofide [Scenes and Arias]
Release Date:
January 27, 2009
Johann Adolf Hasse: Cleofide [Scenes and Arias]

This disc offers highlights from the complete 1986 Capriccio recording of Hasse's 1731 opera Cleofide featuring William Christie leading Cappella Coloniensis.

It's an entirely respectable performance, but it's characterized more by precision and propriety than by passionate involvement. The orchestra's crisp playing and Christie's stately tempos are musically correct, but the result sounds more like a fastidious reconstruction of a curious artifact than the hot-blooded drama that the libretto suggests, and which may in fact be present in the music, if it were given a less reserved reading.

The vocalists each sing expressively and each solo is carefully shaped, but there is little sense of dramatic urgency. In general, the quality of the soloists is less impressive than the level of those of the early twenty-first century, who frequently bring truly spectacular voices and a sense of real dramatic understanding to Baroque opera. Emma Kirkby is the most persuasive in the title role; although her soprano isn't large, she sings with purity and focus. Male soprano Randall K. Wong and counter tenor Dominique Visse are also effective, with strong technique and free coloratura.

Soprano Agnes Mellon and counter tenor Derek Lee Ragin sing well in their high register, but tend to lack support at the bottom of their range. The sound is clean, if a little shallow. This recording may be of strongest interest to fans of Hasse, but is unlikely to make believers of listeners who are skeptical of the vitality of Baroque opera.

Cleofide, opera in 3 acts
OuvertüreCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie7:48
Act 1. Aria. Che sorte crudeleCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie8:05
Act 1. Aria. Vedrai con tuo periglioCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie3:08
Act 1. Marcia deg'l IndianiCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie1:54
Act 1. Duetto. Se mai più sarò gelosoCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie5:30
Act 2. Aria. Appena amor sen naceCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie5:44
Act 2. Aria. E ver che a l'amo intornoCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie9:00
Act 2. Recitativo. Poro mio dolce amorCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie1:36
Act 2. Aria. Se costa tante pene Amor a la beltàCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie6:00
Act 2. Aria. Son qual misera ColombaCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie5:07
Act 3. Aria. Cervo al boscoCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie7:09
Act 3. Aria. Dov'è? si affrettiCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie3:30
Act 3. Recitativo. Secondate, o gran NumiCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie0:34
Act 3. Aria. Perder l'amato beneCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie9:12
Act 3. Coro. Al nostro consoloCappella Coloniensis Chorus / William Christie3:11

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