Hot Lips Page - 1938-1940

Hot Lips Page - 1938-1940
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March 10, 1938 - December 3, 1940
Swing, Big Band, Vocal Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz

A veteran of territory bands from the Southwest and Midwest, Hot Lips Page struck out on his own in the latter half of the '30s to lead a big band. His experience with Bennie Moten and Count Basie's groups may not have translated into similarly stellar material and arrangements, but the rough-hewn yet fluid swing those outfits adhered to certainly found its way into his repertoire. This Classics disc finds Page during those early days from 1938-1940, and includes cuts both by his group and smaller combos featuring Kansas alto legend Buster Smith, pianist Pete Johnson, and tenor saxophonist Don Byas. There's plenty of Page's masterful blues and jazz singing ("Old Man Ben"), along with a fine array of his heated trumpet solos. A fine selection from one of the unwitting godfathers of jump blues and early R&B.

Good Old Bosom BreadHot Lips Page2:46
He's Pulling His Whiskers / Hot Lips PageHot Lips Page2:46
Down on the Levee (Levee Lullaby) / Hot Lips PageHot Lips Page2:50
Old Man Ben / Hot Lips PageHot Lips Page2:59
Jumpin' / Hot Lips PageHot Lips Page2:45
Feelin' High and Happy / Rube Bloom / Ted KoehlerHot Lips Page2:13
At Your Beck and Call / Eddie DeLange / Buck RamHot Lips Page2:38
Rock It for Me / Kay Werner / Sue WernerHot Lips Page2:51
Skullduggery / Hot Lips PageHot Lips Page2:23
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart / Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Henry Nemo / John RedmondHot Lips Page2:23
If I Were You / Buddy Bernier / Bob EmmerichHot Lips Page2:28
(A Sky of Blue, With You) And So Forth / James P. JohnsonHot Lips Page2:29
The Pied Piper / Bernard Arnold / Jack GouldHot Lips Page2:27
Small Fry / Hoagy Carmichael / Frank LoesserHot Lips Page2:30
I'm Gonna Lock My Heart and Throw Away the Key / Jim Eaton / Terry ShandHot Lips Page2:05
Will You Remember Tonight Tomorrow? / David Franklin / Cliff FriendHot Lips Page2:32
I Would Do Anything for You / Alexander Hill / Claude Hopkins / Bobby WilliamsHot Lips Page2:47
I Ain't Got Nobody / Roger Graham / Dave Peyton / Spencer WilliamsHot Lips Page3:12
A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid / James P. Johnson / Andy RazafHot Lips Page2:44
Gone With the Gin / Hot Lips PageHot Lips Page3:16
Walk It to Me / Hot Lips PageHot Lips Page3:16
I Won't Be Here Long / Hot Lips Page / Buster SmithHot Lips Page2:45
Lafayette / Count Basie / Eddie DurhamHot Lips Page2:48
South / Thamon Hayes / Bennie MotenHot Lips Page2:53
Harlem Rhumbain' the Blues / Hot Lips PageHot Lips Page2:53
No Matter Where You Are (When Evening Draws Her Curtain) / Jelly Roll MortonHot Lips Page3:20

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