The Slow Wire - Analog Living

The Slow Wire - Analog Living
Release Date:
April 16, 2002
Recording Location:
The Piceon Club, Hoboken, N.J
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Psychedelic Pop, Psychedelic/Garage, Shoegaze, Twee Pop
Analog Living

If someone took Lou Barlow and locked him in an apartment with Weezer for a month, the resulting album would probably have a lot of similarities to Analog Living. With hooks that could catch a shark and an armload of good bedroom poetry, David Urbano delivers a great chunk of punk-pop that goes well with a sunny afternoon. Friendships are examined, video games are denounced, and relationships are celebrated with a naïve optimism that is refreshing in the mope-intensive indie scene of 2002. Urbano practically does everything on this album, but the occasional background vocal from Amy Jacob adds a layer of pleasantry to the whole affair. Between the charming vocals, curious cover, and catchy songs, this should be more than enough to improve any summer afternoon alone in the car or stretched out in front of an open window. Fans of indie pop should definitely seek this out; this is one album that delivers the goods.

Crossed WiresThe Slow Wire4:05
MedicineThe Slow Wire3:59
Super GlueThe Slow Wire3:25
Badweather FriendThe Slow Wire4:25
Analog LivingThe Slow Wire4:09
Pixel AddictThe Slow Wire4:38
Eternal NowThe Slow Wire3:01
Motor AwayThe Slow Wire3:12
Silver RingsThe Slow Wire5:01
Untitled SomehowThe Slow Wire3:14
[Untitled Hidden Track]The Slow Wire4:59
[Untitled Hidden Track]The Slow Wire3:16
[Untitled Hidden Track]The Slow Wire0:40

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