Daz Dillinger - R.A.W.

Daz Dillinger - R.A.W.
Release Date:
August 29, 2000
West Coast Rap, G-Funk, Gangsta Rap

After Daz Dillinger's Death Row debut, Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back, was greeted by an indifferent audience despite being a quality West Coast release, the rapper/producer returned in mid-2000 with R.A.W. on his own Dogg Pound Records label. Aesthetically similar to his days with Death Row, R.A.W. should please anyone who misses the mid-'90s G-funk sound, particularly Dillinger's more acclaimed work: tha Dogg Pound's Dogg Food, Snoop Dogg's Tha Doggfather, and 2Pac's All Eyez on Me. Kurupt plays a big role here, as does Soopafly, another of Dillinger's peers from the Death Row days; other guests include Mac Shawn, Tray Deee, and Lil' C-Style. "What It Is" stands out on the album, mostly because Daz speaks up about his bitter feelings toward Death Row and, surprisingly, his cousin Snoop Dogg. "Who's Knocking at My Door" also stands out with a great beat, and "I'd Rather Lie to You" finds the rapper tackling some serious issues. Overall, this album is hurt by its lack of major-label polish and also from its compiled feel. Mostly because of these reasons, and also because Daz isn't one of the West Coast's best rappers, this album isn't as great as it could be. As might be expected, the production is the album's most notable feature, making R.A.W. worth seeking out if you are a fan of Dillinger's trademark West Coast beats. And finally, though the album isn't as well-crafted as Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back, it does find a more mature Daz, which is a welcome change over the theatrical Death Row posing that hampers his mid-'90s work.

Super CuzDaz Dillinger0:20
Street GangsDaz Dillinger1:57
What Cha Talkin Bout / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger4:17
This Iz Not Over "Till We Say So" / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger3:39
One-Nine-99 / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / D. WilliamsDaz Dillinger3:46
Who's Knocc'n at My Door / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / D. WilliamsDaz Dillinger feat: Big Pimpin' Delemond4:23
When Ya Lease Exspected / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger4:12
What Iz It / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger5:06
I'd Rather Lie 2 Ya / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger feat: Kurupt3:56
On Tha Grind / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / R. BrownDaz Dillinger feat: Kurupt3:38
If You Want This Pussy / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger0:41
Your Gyrlfriend 2 / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger feat: Mac Shawn / Soopafly3:59
R.A.W. / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / R. BrownDaz Dillinger feat: Kurupt4:12
It'z All About That Money / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger4:00
Movin' Around / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / Slip CaponeDaz Dillinger feat: Slip Capone4:01
U Ain't Know'n / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger feat: Big Tray Deee3:59
Agony / Delmar "Daz" ArnaudDaz Dillinger3:57
Feels Good / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / R. Brown / L. WilliamsDaz Dillinger feat: Kurupt5:03
My System / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / R. BrownDaz Dillinger feat: Kurupt / Tha Mactress4:02
BaccstabberDaz Dillinger feat: Big Tray Deee / Tray Deee / Mark Morrison4:21
Suoer CuzDaz Dillinger0:29

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