Original TV Soundtrack - The Music of the Wild West

Original TV Soundtrack - The Music of the Wild West
Release Date:
June 5, 2007
Recording Location:
Caravell Studios, Branson, MO; Emerald City Studios, Wichita, KS; Kerr Macey Studios, Denver, CO; L.A. East Studios, Salt Lake City, UT; Masterlink Studios, Nashville, TN; Reflections Studios, Nashville, TN; The Aspen Studio, Carpenteria, CA
Cowboy, Instrumental Country, Jug Band, Old-Timey, Rodeo, Square Dance, String Bands, Traditional Country
The Music of the Wild West

Simply put, this is a soundtrack to a television series that chronicled the evolution of the American West from 1886 to 1896, when the frontier was closed and the Indian wars ended. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band founder John McEuen compiled it; he composed the theme, and also performs here, along with many other American folk and roots musicians, playing the songs of the era.

They include: Marty Stuart, Red Steagall, the American Brass Band, the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble, Lyle Lovett (shockingly enough), Rodney and Beverly Dillard, Michael Martin Murphey, the Sons of the San Joaquin, and Byron Berline, just to name a few. If old cowboy songs and American ballads are your thing, or if you just plain enjoyed the series, this will most likely appeal to you.

Cowboy Holler / John McEuenHans Olson0:10
The Wild West Theme / David Hoffner / John McEuenThe Nashville String Machine0:45
Grass DanceHunkpapa Oka0:39
Dreary Black HillsKansas Settlers Band / Mary MacGregor / John McEuen / Marty Stuart2:04
Bugle Call (Boots & Sandles)0:11
Gary OwenAmericus Brass Band0:54
Regular Army-OGordon Burt / Colcannon / Jim Salestrom0:52
ShenandoahNashville Mandolin Ensemble / Gary Morris3:01
Regular Army-O0:50
Good Old RebelJohn McEuen / Hans Olson / The Phoenix Arizona Rebels1:34
Paddy Works on the RailwayColcannon0:54
Cluck Old HenBeverly Dillard1:45
Drill, Ye Terriers, DrillGordan Burt / Gordon Burt / Colcannon / John McEuen / Jim Ratts1:52
California StageThe Texas Cowboy Band / Red Steagall1:12
Camptown RacesAmerican Brass Band / Americus Brass Band / John McEuen1:10
Sweet Betsy from PikeSalt Lake City String Band1:34
Buffalo GalsKansas Settlers Band1:37
Golden SlippersSalt Lake City String Band / John McEuen1:36
Beautiful DreamerThe Nashville String Machine / John McEuen0:53
Barbara AllenKansas Settlers Band / Harold Carr / Crystal Gayle / John McEuen2:34
Beethoven RomanceNashville Mandolin Ensemble1:34
Dolly VardenClear Creek Miners Choir / Jim Salestrom1:07
Scene Set II / John McEuenLyle Lovett0:52
Little Old Sod ShantySalt Lake City String Band / John McEuen1:30
Starving to Death on a Government ClaimColcannon / John McEuen / Jim Salestrom1:59
Rolling Stone / John McEuenBeverly Dillard / Rodney & Beverly Dillard / Rodney Dillard1:35
Abide with Me, Tis EventideUtah Pioneer Choir / Hunkpapa Oka2:06
Passing of the Red ManAmericus Brass Band1:05
Root Hog, Or DieRed Steagall0:42
Little Joe the WranglerThe Texas Cowboy Band / John McEuen / Red Steagall2:29
Chisholm TrailMichael Martin Murphey / New Mexico Musicians Society1:34
Whoopi Ti Yi YoThe Texas Cowboy Band / Don Edwards1:55
Root Hog, Or DieRed Steagall0:41
Yellow Rose of TexasMichael Martin Murphey / New Mexico Musicians Society1:51
Goodbye, Old PaintJohn McEuen / Michael Martin Murphey / New Mexico Musicians Society2:18
Ballad of Nate Champion / John McEuenDon Edwards / John McEuen / Hans Olson / The Phoenix Arizona Rebels1:43
Streets of Laredo (Cowboys Lament)The Texas Cowboy Band / Don Edwards / John McEuen3:09
Wild Indian Guitar / John McEuenJohn McEuen / Bill Miller1:33
Cole Younger / John McEuenMerel Bregante / Merle Brigante / John McEuen / Michael Martin Murphey / New Mexico Musicians Society4:24
Jesse JamesMerel Bregante / Merle Brigante / John McEuen / Hans Olson2:30
Mississippi RagJohn Henry Hodges2:02
50, 000 LumberjacksByron Berline / Sons of the San Joaquin / John McEuen1:09
Old Dan TuckerJohn McEuen / The Phoenix Arizona Rebels1:50
Guitar Wild West Theme / John McEuenMerel Bregante / Merle Brigante / John McEuen1:07
Home on the RangeDon Edwards2:48

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