Original TV Soundtrack - Angry Boys [TV Soundtrack]

Original TV Soundtrack - Angry Boys [TV Soundtrack]
Release Date:
October 8, 2012
Angry Boys [TV Soundtrack]
Slap My Elbow / Chris LilleyS. Mouse2:47
Animal Zoo / Chris LilleyS. Mouse2:38
Poo on You / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:52
Grandmother Fucker / Chris LilleyS. Mouse1:04
Obama / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:38
E=MC2 / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:41
Pussy or Ass / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:19
One Titty / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:35
Three Legged Dog / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:33
Black Balls / Chris LilleyS. Mouse1:11
Whack My Knee / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:54
Hot Children / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:55
This Is S. Mouse / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:48
The Real Me / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:35
Dick Off My Shoulder / Chris LilleyS. Mouse0:40
Squashed Nigga / Chris LilleyS. Mouse3:17
Gaystyle Cartoon Theme / Chris LilleyJen Okazaki0:35
Bedroom Rap [Muscles Thug Town Remix] / Chris Lilley3:24
E=MC2 [Blessed Beats Remix] / Chris Lilley3:52
Black Balls [Rephrase Remix] / Chris Lilley2:01
Slap My Elbow [Hookie's No Elbow Remix] / Chris Lilley4:29
Animal Zoo [The Silent Titan Remix] / Chris Lilley2:24
This Is S. Mouse [Beni's Carnival Stance Mix] / Chris Lilley4:01
Slap My Elbow [Sampology Remix] / Chris Lilley3:27
Squashed Nigga [Acoe Mix] / Chris Lilley4:04
Grandmother Fucker [Herb's Dim Remix] / Chris Lilley2:13
Poo On You [Progress Is Made Remix] / Chris Lilley3:31
Slap My Elbow [Isla Phisher Remix] / Chris Lilley2:47
Angry Boys Theme / Chris Lilley0:37
Angry Boy Soprano / Chris Lilley0:52
A Legendary Idea / Chris Lilley2:52
Blake's Childhood / Chris Lilley0:18
Gran's Past / Chris Lilley0:50
Tokyo / Chris Lilley0:15
S. Mouse Get Dumped / Chris Lilley0:51
Mucca Mucca Mucca / Chris Lilley1:02
Dunt / Chris Lilley0:39
Mum and Steve Are Getting Married / Chris Lilley1:10
Gran's Bad News / Chris Lilley0:53
Nathan Gets the Firelighters / Chris Lilley0:36
The Legends Arrival / Chris Lilley1:50
End Credits Theme / Chris Lilley1:11
Angry Boys Theme (Slow) / Chris Lilley0:52

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