Johnny Cash - Many Sides of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - Many Sides of Johnny Cash
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Traditional Country, Country-Pop, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly
Many Sides of Johnny Cash

It's hard to discern what the title of Sony Music Special Products' The Many Sides of Johnny Cash means, since most of the songs seem to spring from the same side. Perhaps it's simply a way to add more meaning to a collection that's essentially just a budget-line sampler of highlights from his Columbia recordings. Clocking in at ten tracks, and just over a half hour, The Many Sides may be a little brief, but it has to be said that it's exceptionally good for a sampler. It may not show too many sides -- there's a novelty, some somber storytelling, a few Western tales, a couple patriotic numbers and a handful of classic hits, all of which are unmistakably Johnny Cash -- but with such songs as "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky," "Ragged Old Flag," "The Ballad of Ira Hayes," "Daddy Sang Bass," "I Still Miss Someone" and "Ring of Fire," a budget-minded casual listener really can't lose.

(Ghost) Riders in the Sky / Stan JonesJohnny Cash3:43
Flesh and Blood / Johnny CashJohnny Cash2:25
The Last Gunfighter Ballad / Guy ClarkJohnny Cash2:46
One Piece at a Time / Wayne KempJohnny Cash4:01
Ragged Old Flag / Johnny CashJohnny Cash3:06
The Ballad of Ira Hayes / Peter La FargeJohnny Cash4:05
Look at Them Beans / Joe TexJohnny Cash2:56
Daddy Sang Bass / Carl PerkinsJohnny Cash2:22
I Still Miss Someone / Johnny Cash / Roy CashJohnny Cash2:34
Ring of Fire / June Carter Cash / Merle KilgoreJohnny Cash2:37

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