Amaral - Hacia Lo Salvaje

Amaral - Hacia Lo Salvaje
Release Date:
September 26, 2011
Hacia Lo Salvaje

After severing ties with EMI, hugely popular Spanish duo Amaral surprised their audience with their hardest-sounding work to date on Hacia Lo Salvaje, the first release for their own label. This ostensible electric guitar rock album attempts to eschew the band's somewhat misguided reputation as a regular dispenser of cute pop tunes by offering a concise collection of 12 bittersweet songs about mixed feelings, dreams of escape, tales of outcasts, and nostalgia for innocence lost, sung with newfound urgency by Eva Amaral -- see for instance the lead single title track. While it does not contain the obvious hits of previous Amaral releases, fans may actually find Hacia Lo Salvaje to be a more consistent album, one whose appeal grows rather than diminishes with repeated listening.

Hacia Lo SalvajeAmaral4:14
Si las Calles Pudieran HablarAmaral3:02
Esperando un ResplandorAmaral3:03
Robin HoodAmaral3:07
Montaña RusaAmaral3:09
Cuando Suba la MareaAmaral4:25
Como un Martillo en la ParedAmaral2:58
Hoy Es el Principio del FinalAmaral4:13
Van Como LocosAmaral3:32

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