Nazareth - No Jive

Nazareth - No Jive
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Cas Studios, St. Ingbert-Schuren, Germany; Cas Studios, St.Ingbert-Schüren, Germany
Album Rock, Hard Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock
No Jive

After vanishing from the rock music world for a few years, Nazareth reappeared with its first '90s release, 1992's NO JIVE.

The world may have been in the grips of the grunge revolution, with such new and exciting bands as Nirvana and Soundgarden leading the charge, but Nazareth stuck to its guns and partied like it was still 1979.NO JIVE is easily Nazareth's best since at least 1980's MALICE IN WONDERLAND, as the group rocks and rolls through 11 cuts, highlights being "Hire and Fire," "Right Between the Eyes," and "Thinkin' Man's Nightmare." This strong album makes you wonder what would have happened had it been released in the early '80s, when the band needed a focused album to put it back on track.

Hire and Fire / Pete Agnew / Dan McCafferty / Billy RankinNazareth5:13
Do You Wanna Play House? / Pete Agnew / Billy RankinNazareth5:04
Right Between the Eyes / Billy RankinNazareth3:08
Every Time It Rains / Billy RankinNazareth4:17
Keeping Our Love Alive / Pete Agnew / Dan McCafferty / Billy Rankin / Darrell SweetNazareth3:21
Thinkin' Man's Nightmare / Pete Agnew / Dan McCafferty / Billy Rankin / Darrell SweetNazareth4:04
Cover Your Heart / Billy RankinNazareth4:35
Lap of Luxury / Pete Agnew / Dan McCafferty / Billy Rankin / Darrell SweetNazareth3:58
The Rowan Tree/Tell Me That You Love Me / Pete Agnew / Manny Charlton / Dan McCafferty / Darrell Sweet / TraditionalNazareth4:42
Cry Wolf / Dan McCafferty / Billy RankinNazareth4:31
This Flight Tonight / Joni MitchellNazareth3:35

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