The Chinkees - The Chinkees Are Coming!

The Chinkees - The Chinkees Are Coming!
Release Date:
February 24, 1998
Recording Location:
Soundtck Studios Campbell, CA
Alternative/Indie Rock, Ska-Punk, Third Wave Ska Revival
The Chinkees Are Coming!

Led by Mike Park (Skankin' Pickle, B. Lee Band), the Chinkees' name and accompanying album graphics might seem offensive, but this San Jose ska quintet is actually dedicated in principle and in their lyrics to combating racism (proceeds from their debut will go to several anti-racist organizations). The message of harmony makes The Chinkees Are Coming! a pleasing listen for 2-Tone fans who miss ska's more political aspects in the late-'90s third wave revival.

Our Country / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees1:37
You Don't Know / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees2:39
Hana / Shoukichi Kina / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees1:40
Asian Prodigy / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees3:00
Not Your Pet / Daniel AndrianoThe Chinkees1:20
Human Race / Tom Cochrane / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees3:59
They Need Your Help / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees0:39
Norehapshida / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees1:53
She's My Friend / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees1:51
Those Years / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees2:02
Days 'R' Falling Around / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees2:04
Edumoya / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees1:16
The Chinkees Are Coming / Michael "Bruce Lee" ParkThe Chinkees46:42

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