David E. Levine - Schumann's Dichterliebe

David E. Levine - Schumann's Dichterliebe
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Vocal Music
Schumann's Dichterliebe

David E. Levine has a pleasant tenor when he is not pushing it, but he does tend to push in the more ardent songs of Dichterliebe, which unfortunately make up most of the cycle. The result is not terrible; it merely sounds like his voice is not fully mature, or perhaps requires more disciplined training and rigorous coaching to be fully at ease in this repertoire. His strong tone is secure throughout his range, but he is most successful in the songs that lie largely toward the lower end of his range such as "Ich grolle nicht." While his German pronunciation is fine, the fact that it is not his first language is evident in his lack of verbal nuances that come more naturally to native speakers and the very best lieder singers. He is ably accompanied by Hagai Yodan, who plays with sensitivity and supple rubato. The sound is boomy and the performers are poorly miked; they sound distant, yet overpowering. The recording's brightness doesn't flatter either Levine or the sound of the piano.

Dichterliebe, song cycle for voice & piano, Op. 48
Im wunderschönen Monat MaiDavid E. Levine1:38
Aus meinen Tränen sprießenDavid E. Levine1:05
Die Rose, die Lilie, die Taube, die SonneDavid E. Levine0:40
Wenn ich in deine Augen seh'David E. Levine1:48
Ich will meine Seele tauchenDavid E. Levine0:53
Im Rhein, im heiligen StromeDavid E. Levine2:32
Ich grolle nichtDavid E. Levine1:44
Und wüßtens' die BlumenDavid E. Levine1:09
Das ist ein Flöten und GeigenDavid E. Levine1:24
Hör 'ich das Liedchen klingenDavid E. Levine2:04
Ein Jüngling liebt ein MädchenDavid E. Levine0:57
Am leuchtenden SommermorgenDavid E. Levine2:30
Ich hab' im Traum geweinetDavid E. Levine2:24
Allnächtlich im TraumeDavid E. Levine1:35
Aus alten MärchenDavid E. Levine2:46
Die alten, bösen LiederDavid E. Levine4:27

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