Billy Ray Cyrus - Change My Mind

Billy Ray Cyrus - Change My Mind
Release Date:
October 23, 2012
Recording Location:
441 Studios, N. Hollywood, CA; Brandon Friesen Productions, N. Hollywood, CA; Gollywood Studios, Burbank, CA; Grandma's Attic, Laurel Canyon, CA; Phantom Studios, Van Nuys, CA; Thud Studios, N. Hollywood, CA; Tranzformer Studios, Burbank, CA
Contemporary Country, Country-Pop
Change My Mind

Ever since his daughter Miley became a superstar in the late aughts, Billy Ray Cyrus has been doggedly working at a comeback, attempting album after album, none of them quite the right showcase for his unassuming charms. Unexpectedly, 2012's Change My Mind -- the sequel to his toothlessly jingoistic but nonetheless amiable 2011 set I'm American -- finds the right groove, one that's not too slick, not too loose, one that showcases Cyrus' everyman skills to an appealing effect. A shade rougher and rowdier than anything he's ever recorded -- he goes so far to sing a cheerfully profane chorus on the closing "Stomp" -- Change My Mind succeeds largely because Billy Ray allows himself to lay back and rock out, lets himself revel in the noise he's making.

Unlike any of the records he's cut since 2006's Wanna Be Your Joe, there are no attempts at a slick crossover pop hit (although the excellent, propulsive, hooky "Good as Gone" could have been an AM pop hit in another time): there are blues stomps, raunchy guitar riffs, and ballads dressed in dobros. Cyrus remains more of a showman than a down-home country boy -- something the mawkish "That's What Daddys Do" makes clear -- but Change My Mind strikes precisely the right blend of grit and glitz, a record that's clean and mean but still kicks. Having Cyrus sound so comfortable in his skin at such a late stage is a bit unexpected, but Change My Mind benefits from his veteran skills; he never pushes too hard, he just settles back into the songs and he winds up with one of his best albums yet.

Change My Mind / Billy Ray Cyrus / Michael J. SagravesBilly Ray Cyrus4:42
Once Again / Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus5:15
Hillbilly Heart / Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus3:42
Tomorrow Became Yesterday / Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus5:23
Good as Gone / Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus3:24
Forgotto Forget / Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus3:57
That’s What Daddys Do / Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus4:10
Hope Is Just Ahead / Billy Ray Cyrus / John Frederick Lenz / Don Von TressBilly Ray Cyrus4:42
I'm So Miserable / Billy Ray Cyrus / Corky HolbrookBilly Ray Cyrus3:16
Stomp / Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus3:53

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