Felicity Lott / Graham Johnson - Summertime

Felicity Lott / Graham Johnson - Summertime
Release Date:
October 9, 2001
Recording Date:
April 6, 2000 - April 9, 2000
Recording Location:
Music Room, Champs Hill, Pulborough, Sussex
Vocal Music

This recital by soprano Felicity Lott and pianist Graham Johnson features a broad selection of songs, most of which have a connection with summer, most obviously Gershwin's "Summertime," and most obscurely a carol, "The Little Road to Bethlehem" by Michael Head. The generous collection of 29 songs showcases Lott's versatility and represents an attractive variety of styles, including works from the Baroque to the contemporary by English, French, German, Austrian, and American composers. The recording, made in 2000, doesn't fully capture the bloom and freshness in her voice that was the hallmark of her singing in the previous decades, but her nuanced, intelligent performances are lovely and full of character nonetheless. While she is at ease in all this repertoire, the songs by the British composers -- Elgar, Quilter, Arne, Bridge, Delius, Vaughan Williams, Warlock, Rutter, Ireland, Haydn Wood, Harold Fraser-Simpson, Michael Head, and the little-known Victorian Liza Lehmann -- seem to fall especially comfortably for her voice, and it's in these song that she really shines. Lehmann's unusually graceful and shapely "Ah, Moon of my Delight" is one of the revelations of the album and elicits one of Lott's most appealing performances.

Graham Johnson, a frequent collaborator with Lott, is a consummate accompanist playing with graceful sensitivity, but also bringing his own personality to the music; his accompaniment to "Summertime," for instance, is exceptionally swingy.

Champs Hill's sound is generally clear and clean, but is not especially full.

Summertime (from Porgy & Bess) / George GershwinGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:29
Sure on this Shining Night / Samuel BarberGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:25
Op. 16
The Shepherd's Song / Edward ElgarGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:52
Clair de Lune / Gabriel FauréGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott3:09
New Sleeps the Crimson Petal / Roger QuilterGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:08
Who is Sylvia? / Franz SchubertGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:52
Where the Bee Sucks / Thomas ArneGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott1:44
L'Île Inconnue / Hector BerliozGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott3:39
Auf dem Wasser zu Singen / Franz SchubertGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott3:47
Soir / Gabriel FauréGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:24
Der Nussbaum / Robert SchumannGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott3:47
Meine Liebe ist Grün / Johannes BrahmsGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott1:40
Ah Moon of my Delight / Liza LehmannGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott4:32
Notre Amour / Gabriel FauréGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:12
Villanelle / Hector BerliozGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:22
The Monk and his Cat / Samuel BarberGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:38
Go Not, Happy Day / Frank BridgeGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott1:37
To Daffodils / Frederick DeliusGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:16
Orpheus with his Lute / Ralph Vaughan WilliamsGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:28
The Trellis / John IrelandGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:45
Love's Philosophy / Roger QuilterGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott1:30
A Brown Bird Singing / Haydn WoodGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:37
The Lark in the Clear Air / Irish TraditionalGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott1:36
Sleep / Peter WarlockGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:29
The Tale of an Oyster / Cole PorterGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott3:13
My House / Leonard BernsteinGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott1:49
The Little Road to Bethlehem / Michael HeadGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:37
Vespers / Harold Fraser-SimsonGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:22
The Lord Bless You and Keep You / John RutterGraham Johnson / Felicity Lott2:22

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