John Digweed - Structures

John Digweed - Structures

A leading light on the progressive house scene, John Digweed brings together more electronic music from his Bedrock production house on this collection. Structures features 33 tracks selected and programmed by Digweed, including songs by Mutant Clan, Rowdent, Wiretappeur, Saints & Sinners, King Unique, and Guy J, as well as new remixes from Digweed, Nick Muir, John Daly, Pete Heller, Marco Bailey, and Wehbba. The original release also included a DVD featuring a documentary on John Digweed, and footage of Digweed spinning at an event in Miami in early 2010.

Colache [Sometimes Mix]John Digweed feat: Luis Junior
Babylon [John Daly Remix]John Digweed feat: Alex Dolby / Santos
My Real Name IsJohn Digweed feat: Wiretappeur
On and Amp [Vincenzo Remix]John Digweed feat: Mutant Clan
No Walls [Maher Daniel Remix]John Digweed feat: Alex Dolby / Santos
Cream [Wiretappeur Remix]John Digweed feat: Dirty Mongrel
Alameda [Jau Dub]John Digweed feat: Dimitri Nakov / King Roc
ColmedreamJohn Digweed feat: Cristian Varela
Put It To BedJohn Digweed feat: Rowdent
Boom BoomJohn Digweed feat: Quivver
Perras a TuttiJohn Digweed feat: Cristian Varela
2000000 DubsJohn Digweed feat: King Unique
2000000 Suns [John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix]John Digweed feat: King Unique
In Your BoatJohn Digweed feat: Quivver

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