David Krakauer - The Big Picture

David Krakauer - The Big Picture
Recording Location:
MSR Studios, New York, NY
The Big Picture
Willkommen [From Bob Fosse's Cabaret] / Fred Ebb / John KanderDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer2:50
La Vita E Bella [Life Is Beautiful] [From Roberto Benigni's Life Is Beautiful] / Nicola PiovaniDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer5:00
Si Tu Vois Ma Mère [If You See My Mother] [From Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris] / Sidney BechetDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer4:43
Body And Soul [From Woody Allen's Radio Days] / Frank Eyton / Edward Heyman / Robert SourDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer4:38
The March [From The Love For Three Oranges] [From Woody Allen's Love And Death] / Sergey ProkofievDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer2:51
Moving To The Ghetto [From Roman Polanski's The Pianist] / Wojciech KilarDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer4:22
The Family [From Barry Levinson's Avalon] / Randy NewmanDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer4:25
Honeycomb [From Bob Fosse's Lenny] / Ralph BurnsDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer2:50
Love Theme [From Alan J. Pakula's Sophie's Choice] / Marvin HamlischDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer4:01
Keep It Gay [From Mel Brook's The Producers] / Mel BrooksDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer2:10
People [From William Wyler's Funny Girl] / Bob Merrill / Jule StyneDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer5:18
Tradition [Norman Jewison's Fiddler On The Roof] / Jerry Brock / Sheldon HamickDavid Krakauer feat: Krakauer4:05

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