Betty Hall Jones - The Complete Recordings 1947-1954

Betty Hall Jones - The Complete Recordings 1947-1954
Release Date:
January 11, 2005
Recording Date:
1947 - 1954
Classic Female Blues, Early R&B
The Complete Recordings 1947-1954
That Early Morning Boogie / Betty Hall JonesBetty Hall Jones2:41
Learn to BoogieBetty Hall Jones2:44
Fine and MellowBetty Hall Jones2:36
The Same Old BoogieBetty Hall Jones2:49
Make Me Know ItBetty Hall Jones2:35
Why Can't You Love That WayBetty Hall Jones2:54
This Joint's Too Hip for MeBetty Hall Jones2:32
If I Ever Cry (You'll Never Know)Betty Hall Jones2:35
You Got to Have What It TakesBetty Hall Jones2:40
I Never Miss the Sunshine (I'm So Used to the Rain)Betty Hall Jones2:30
That's a Man for You / Calvin HallBetty Hall Jones2:40
Thrill MeBetty Hall Jones2:35
Buddy Stay Off That Wine / J. RogersBetty Hall Jones2:20
Richmond BluesBetty Hall Jones2:42
Way After HoursBetty Hall Jones2:41
Goin' Back to TownBetty Hall Jones2:15
Frustration, FrustrationBetty Hall Jones2:35
Poor Spending Daddy / L. SimonBetty Hall Jones2:31
Shina No YoruBetty Hall Jones2:29
Love My LoveBetty Hall Jones2:03
Is He HandsomeBetty Hall Jones2:35
How Long BluesBetty Hall Jones2:21

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