Dr. Hook - Collection

Dr. Hook - Collection
Release Date:
June 4, 1977
AM Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, Soft Rock

This 40-song assortment will definitely appease those who want a hefty one-stop of Dr. Hook's best material, but it also makes for a worthy summation of the band's career.

All but the last two of Dr. Hook's Top 40 singles appear here, led by "Sylvia's Mother," "The Cover of the Rolling Stone," and "Only Sixteen," while excluding later efforts like "Girls Can Get It" and "Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk." All of their second-bests are also present, including fan favorites such as "More Like the Movies," "The Radio," "Jungle to the Zoo," and "On the Way to the Bottom." Their absurd lean toward rock & roll throughout the '70s is well-covered in songs like "I Got Stoned and I Missed It," "Bad Eye Bill," "You Make My Pants Want to Get Up And Dance," "Walk Right In," and "Wups," while their mawkish brand of sugary-sweet love songs which they're known for surfaces in tracks such as "I Gave Her Comfort," "She's Not There," and "If Not You," as well as in the hits "A Little Bit More" and "Sexy Eyes." Since most of Dr. Hook's albums brandished only a couple of hits each, Collection makes for one of the best routes to gather all of their essentials, but it may seem to be overabundant for those who just want the charted hits and nothing more.

Sylvia's Mother / Shel SilversteinDr. Hook3:49
Cover of the Rolling Stone / Shel SilversteinDr. Hook2:52
Better Love Next TimeDr. Hook3:04
In over My Head / Eddie Rabbitt / Even Stevens / Dan TylerDr. Hook3:45
Sexy Eyes / R.J. Mather / Keith Stegall / Chris WatersDr. Hook3:36
Oh! Jesse / Sam WeedmanDr. Hook2:59
Years From Now / Charles Cochran / Roger CookDr. Hook3:18
Sharing the Night Together / Ava Aldridge / Eddie StruzickDr. Hook2:58
Sweetest of All / Shel SilversteinDr. Hook2:42
Storms Never Last / Jessi ColterDr. Hook3:27
Walk Right In / Gus Cannon / Hosea WoodsDr. Hook3:04
Love Monster / Sam WeedmanDr. Hook3:19
I Don't Want to Be Alone Tonight / Shel SilversteinDr. Hook3:34
Knowing She's There / Dennis Locorriere / Shel SilversteinDr. Hook3:35
Clyde / J.J. CaleDr. Hook4:48
When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman / Even StevensDr. Hook3:05
Dooley Jones / H. SmithDr. Hook3:54
I Gave Her Comfort / Dennis Locorriere / Shel SilversteinDr. Hook3:24
You Make My Pants Want to Get Up and Dance / Sam WeedmanDr. Hook2:31
More Like the Movies / Shel SilversteinDr. Hook3:41

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