La Suave Melodia - Johannes Schenck: Il Giardino Armonico; 12 Trio Sonatas Opus III

La Suave Melodia - Johannes Schenck: Il Giardino Armonico; 12 Trio Sonatas Opus III
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Chamber Music
Johannes Schenck: Il Giardino Armonico; 12 Trio Sonatas Opus III

Dutch-born composer Johannes Schenck is another in a long line of Baroque composers whose works are only now being discovered and given their first modern performances. Thanks to the intrepid investigative work of harpsichordist Pieter Dirksen -- a member of the ensemble La Suave Melodia heard here -- a set of 12 trio sonatas of Schenck's Opus 3 that were thought to be lost have been unearthed. The works, which are each in a different key, show a mature composer's total command of form, character of different keys, and abilities of each instrument for which he is composing. Apart from the tremendous service of simply rediscovering these works, La Suave Melodia goes one step further and provides listeners with an immaculate, deeply satisfying performance of the 12 trio sonatas. The recorded sound is wonderfully clean and simple and the balance between the instruments allows the violin to easily carry the melody throughout while still letting listeners enjoy the intricate harmonies and rhythmically varied accompanimental patterns in the rest of the ensemble. Intonation, articulation, and ornamentation match flawlessly from the first note of the CD to the last.

Fans of early music have found a treasure not only in the works of Johannes Schenck, but in the sensitive, informed performances of La Suave Melodia.

Il Giardino armonico, sonatas (12) for 2 violins, viola da gamba & continuo, Op. 3
Sonata Prima in D majorLa Suave Melodia5:09
Sonata Secunda in B flat majorLa Suave Melodia4:34
Sonata Terza in G minorLa Suave Melodia11:13
Sonata Quarta in D minorLa Suave Melodia7:30
Sonata Quinta in C minorLa Suave Melodia5:47
Sonata Sexta in E majorLa Suave Melodia3:55
Sonata Settima in F majorLa Suave Melodia5:24
Sonata Ottava in C majorLa Suave Melodia9:29
Aonata Nona in A majorLa Suave Melodia5:56
Sonata Decima in B minorLa Suave Melodia5:27
Sonata Undecima in A minorLa Suave Melodia5:31
Sonata Duodecima in D minorLa Suave Melodia9:01

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