Original Soundtrack - City of God: Remixed

Original Soundtrack - City of God: Remixed
Release Date:
July 1, 2003
Recording Location:
A BULL Studios; AD Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Casa Estudio, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Drum Lab Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Estudio La Em Casa Music, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Soundtracks, Electronica
City of God: Remixed

Inspired by City of God, the acclaimed 2002 film about the violent street gangs of Rio de Janeiro's slums, some of Brazil's top electronica producers and DJs got together to create this remix project based on the soundtrack compositions by Antônio Pinto Júnior and Ed Côrtes. The results, though not as intense or aggressive as you might expect, are nonetheless consistently both compelling and pleasant, generally a bit on the tame side, but never boring. There are a few moments when the proceedings bog down just a bit, as on the rather flaccid house mix of "Funk da Virada (Waterfront Lounge Mix)," but for the most part, the balance between hard electro beats and gently percolating Brazilian rhythms holds nicely. Highlights include the eerily lovely "Convite para Vida Remix" (which, with its almost creepy field recordings of singing children, sounds a bit like a Bahian version of African Head Charge) and "AD Remix CDD Saque ao Motel," which incorporates aggressive beats into a relatively cool, laid-back ambience with surprising success. Since its general mood lies somewhere between those of the dance floor and the chill-out room, this one might not be the most useful party album. But it's great for listening to on outdoor speakers at the end of a warm afternoon. Highly recommended.

A Transa / Antônio Pinto Júnior4:04
Convite Para Vida / Edmilson Capelupi / Seu Jorge / Antônio Pinto JúniorBeto Villares3:22
Samba da Galinha / Renato CohenRenato Cohen5:34
A Transa / Antônio Pinto JúniorEdson X4:32
Samba TrioInstituto3:05
Funk da Virada / Antônio Pinto JúniorEraldo Palmero6:42
A Transa / Antônio Pinto JúniorMad Zoo5:55
Vida Na CidadeMamelo Sound System4:12
Samba RápidoMamelo Sound System6:27
Saque Ao MotelEraldo Palmero4:08
Funk da Virada / Antônio Pinto Júnior5:31
A Transa / Antônio Pinto Júnior7:52

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