The Go-Go's - Greatest

The Go-Go's - Greatest
Release Date:
October, 1990
Contemporary Pop/Rock, New Wave, Punk/New Wave, Alternative/Indie Rock

The hits collection Greatest tries to reduce the Go-Go's' career to that of a mainstream pop/rock band, downplaying their punk and new wave roots. Of course, those can't be entirely erased, especially since the hits "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "We Got the Beat" form the core of the collection, but the song selection on the 14-track compilation leans a little too heavily on latter-day material and lesser songs, including an extraneous, previously unreleased cover of "Cool Jerk" that was added as bait for collectors. As a brief overview, Greatest is adequate, since it does contain all the hit singles, but it's also misleading, since it doesn't capture the group's punky spirit. Nevertheless, it's a cheaper, more manageable introduction than the double-disc set Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's, even though serious fans should choose that collection instead.

Our Lips Are Sealed / Terry Hall / Jane WiedlinThe Go-Go's2:45
Cool Jerk / Donald StorballThe Go-Go's3:07
We Got the Beat / Charlotte CaffeyThe Go-Go's2:36
Head over Heels / Charlotte Caffey / Kathy ValentineThe Go-Go's3:36
Get up and Go / Charlotte Caffey / Jane WiedlinThe Go-Go's3:16
Vacation / Charlotte Caffey / Kathy Valentine / Jane WiedlinThe Go-Go's2:58
Beatnik Beach / Charlotte Caffey / Belinda CarlisleThe Go-Go's2:51
You Thought / Gina Schock / Kathy ValentineThe Go-Go's4:16
I'm the Only One / Carter / Harvey / Kathy ValentineThe Go-Go's3:32
This Town / Charlotte Caffey / Jane WiedlinThe Go-Go's3:15
Lust to Love / Charlotte Caffey / Jane WiedlinThe Go-Go's4:00
Mercenary / Charlotte Caffey / Kathy Valentine / Jane WiedlinThe Go-Go's3:32
How Much More? / Charlotte Caffey / Jane WiedlinThe Go-Go's3:03
Turn to You / Charlotte Caffey / Jane WiedlinThe Go-Go's3:49

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