Piotr Anderszewski - Chopin: Ballades; Mazurkas; Polonaises

Piotr Anderszewski - Chopin: Ballades; Mazurkas; Polonaises
Release Date:
October 6, 2003
Chopin: Ballades; Mazurkas; Polonaises

Another example of superb programming, Piotr Anderszewski's Chopin recital on Virgin is brilliantly conceived and masterfully executed. Concentrating on the compoer's late works, Anderszewski's program starts with two sets of Mazurkas played with supple sensitivity and sympathetic poetry, builds through the last two Ballades played with dramatic intensity and terrific technique, climaxes in the last two Polonaises played with heroic grandeur and tremendous virtuosity, and closes with the tender and intimate Mazurka in F minor as an encore. Anderszewski's technique is imperious, his tone is sensual, his performances are emotional, and his interpretations are magisterial. Individually, each performance is strong and vital. Taken all together, the whole disc is more than the sum of its parts. Virgin's sound is warm but a bit close and sometimes a little too immediate.

Mazurkas (3) for piano, Op. 59, CT. 86-88
No. 1 in A minorPiotr Anderszewski4:10
No. 2 in A flat majorPiotr Anderszewski2:42
No. 3 in F sharp minorPiotr Anderszewski3:29
Mazurkas (3) for piano, Op. 63, CT. 89-91
No. 1 in B majorPiotr Anderszewski2:09
No. 2 in F minorPiotr Anderszewski3:04
No. 3 in C sharp minorPiotr Anderszewski2:39
Ballade for piano No. 3 in A flat major, Op. 47, CT. 4Piotr Anderszewski7:58
Ballade for piano No. 4 in F minor, Op. 52, CT. 5Piotr Anderszewski11:59
Polonaise for piano No. 5 in F sharp minor, Op. 44, CT. 154Piotr Anderszewski11:59
Polonaise for piano No. 6 in A flat major ("Héroique"), Op. 53, CT. 155Piotr Anderszewski7:45
Mazurka for piano No. 49 in F minor, Op. 68/4, CT. 99Piotr Anderszewski2:26

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