The Rumour - Purity of Essence

The Rumour - Purity of Essence
Release Date:
Recording Location:
Island Studios
New Wave, Pub Rock, Punk/New Wave, Rock & Roll
Purity of Essence

Purity of Essence marked a successfully harder-rocking return to the pub, with a bunch of really good songs -- mostly covers this time -- that benefit from crisp new wave production, including the Bacharach/David tune "Little Red Book," Randy Newman's "Have You Seen My Baby," and Nick Lowe's "I Don't Want the Night to End." Unfortunately, the unremarkable, often half-hearted vocals fail to ignite the top-notch material, for the most part. [Purity of Essence was issued in the U.S.

in a rearranged order, dropping three songs in favor of three others, the most notable being a Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze) original, "Depression," which was never recorded by Squeeze. The U.K. CD retains the original tracks and adds "Name and Number" from the U.S. edition.]

My Little Red Book / Burt Bacharach / Hal DavidThe Rumour3:17
I Don't Want the Night to End / Nick LoweThe Rumour2:31
Have You Seen My Baby? / R. Newman / Randy NewmanThe Rumour3:57
Falling in Love with a Dream / Martin BelmontThe Rumour2:52
Tula / Brinsley SchwarzThe Rumour3:29
Writing in the Water / Brinsley SchwarzThe Rumour4:06
Houston / Andrew BodnarThe Rumour3:24
I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine / Lee / Brinsley Schwarz / Joe Seneca / SenecaThe Rumour3:53
More Than She Will Say / Brinsley SchwarzThe Rumour3:40
Pyramids / Andrew Bodnar / Lobo / Brinsley SchwarzThe Rumour3:55
That's the Way the Ball Rolls / Graham ParkerThe Rumour2:35
Name and NumberThe Rumour3:06

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