Alex Leon - Los Amigos: Tradicion Salsera

Alex Leon - Los Amigos: Tradicion Salsera
Release Date:
April 17, 2001
Recording Location:
Espress Midi, Miami, FL; Graba Digital, Puerto Rico
Salsa, Tropical
Los Amigos: Tradicion Salsera

This first collaboration between Nino Segarra and Alex Leon is actually a compilation of tunes, combining selections from Segarra's Romantico Salsero and Leon's discography on A&R Records into one single package. These selections should be an object of scrutiny, since these very talented singers may be best appreciated by considering the totality of their discographies. Nevertheless, it seems like a good deal, and the talent in the production never flags. Of course, Segarra's "Tributo a Frankie" (aka "Homenaje a Frankie Ruiz") and Leon's jubilant "El Caiman" are still the most skillful of all the selections.

A must for fans of these two vocalists.

Tributo a Frankie / Elio RodriguezAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:56
No Quiero Q Seas Celosa / Rodulfo VaillantAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:06
Rompamos las Cadenas / Carlos VazquezAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:55
El CaimanAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:27
Esa Mujer Es MiaAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:35
Soy Normal, Natural / Juan FormellAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:30
Soy IsleñoAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:53
Te Olvide / Angel SantiagoAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:51
Sigues Siendo Tu / Eduardo Reyes / Laura ReyesAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:51
Cachita / Rafael HernándezAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra3:56
Hoy No Se Acuerda de Mi / Victor DanielAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra5:49
No la Dejes Sola (Don't Leave Her Alone) / Ricardo TissiaoAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:18
Cara de Inocente / Nino SegarraAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:46
Meneate / W. RosarioAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:23
Nadie Podra / Nino SegarraAlex Leon feat: Nino Segarra4:49

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