Alih Jey - Alih Jey

Alih Jey - Alih Jey
Release Date:
September 11, 2001
Contemporary Pop/Rock, Latin Pop, Dominican Traditions
Alih Jey

Owner of a seductive voice, singer/songwriter Alih Jey delivers a 12-track debut album starting with a romantic ballad called "Pienso en Ti," followed by the Spanish version of her first hit "It's O.K." Performing songs mainly based on her personal experiences, Alih Jey becomes a reflective record about love and life. Latin pop ballad "Mil Besos," pop/rock "Embrujada Por Tu Amor," tropical "Higher," and mid-tempo "Have a Crush on You" are among her best songs.

Pienso en Ti / Kike SantanderAlih Jey4:03
It's O.K. / Alih JeyAlih Jey3:50
Embrujada Por Ty Amor / Tulio CremisiniAlih Jey3:48
Mil Besos / Alih JeyAlih Jey3:27
Higher / Alih JeyAlih Jey3:33
Cobarde / Alih JeyAlih Jey3:33
Ya Basta / Tulio CremisiniAlih Jey3:08
Cuando Te Quiero / Alih JeyAlih Jey3:57
Rompe / Alih JeyAlih Jey3:26
It's O.K. / Alih JeyAlih Jey3:50
Too Late / Tulio CremisiniAlih Jey3:08
Have a Crush on You / Alih JeyAlih Jey3:47

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