Hataklit - Prayers and Praise from Jerusalem

Hataklit - Prayers and Praise from Jerusalem
Prayers and Praise from Jerusalem
Baruch Ata Adonai [Blessed Are You, O Lord] / Beatrice GubermanHataklit feat: Zamru Lo Singers3:37
The Holy CityHataklit feat: Chuck King5:15
Ana Bakoach [By Your Power Lord] / Ovadia HamamaHataklit feat: Ohad Marbach4:31
Yedid Nefesh [Lover Of My Soul] / Ehud TzveigHataklit feat: Jonathan Settel4:39
Avinu Malkenu [Our Father, Our King]Hataklit feat: David Katz3:59
The Shepherd / David LodenHataklit feat: David Loden3:54
Adon Olam [Lord Of The Universe] / Uzi ChitmanHataklit feat: Uzi Chitman / Oded Ben Chur4:21
Halleli Eloheicha, Tzion [Praise Your God, O Zion] / Koby OshratHataklit feat: Gavriel Butler2:22
Yevarechacha [May The Lord Bless You] / David Tzvi VinekrantzHataklit feat: Shlomo Artzi2:17
Shir Hama'alot [Song Of Ascent]Hataklit feat: Jonathan Settel3:21
Sim Shalom [Grant Us Peace] / Ron EliranHataklit feat: Ron Eliran3:41
A Song For Zion / Elisheva ShomronHataklit feat: Naomi Bar-David / Ayelet Ronen / Elisheva Shomron / Chaim Warshawsky5:15
Rachem Adonai [Have Mercy, O Lord] / David LodenHataklit feat: David & Lisa Loden3:59
To See You Again, Jerusalem / Ron EliranHataklit feat: Ron Eliran4:07
Roni V'simchi, Bat Tzion [Rejoice And Be Glad, Daughter Of Zion] / Elisheva ShomronHataklit feat: As Dew To Israel / Elisheva Shomron3:05
In The Land Of Galilee / Koby OshratHataklit feat: Gavriel Butler3:06
Machrozet Yerushalyim [Jerusalem Medly]: Sisu Ve'Simchu [Rejoice And Be Glad]/Sisu Et Yerushalayim [Jerusalem, Let's Rejoice]/Yismechu Ha'shamayim [Let The Sky Above Rejoice] / Akiva Nof / Shaike PaikovHataklit feat: Voices Of Israel4:41

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