Los Claxons - Los Claxons

Los Claxons - Los Claxons
Release Date:
May 18, 2010
Recording Date:
April, 2009
Recording Location:
ElCielo Recording Studio, San Pedro Garza García, N.L., México
Latin Pop
Los Claxons

The eponymously titled Los Claxons is actually the third album by the Mexican band of the same name. The simple name was chosen, not to represent a new beginning, but to signify the final consolidation of the band. In terms of personnel, the entrance of Césareo Castillo settled the vacant drummer position to complete Los Claxons' definitive lineup. Commercially, the band is now ready to enter the big time, hiring Grammy-winning sound engineer Javier Garza and producer Baltazar Hinojosa, and with its recording company backing up a serious promotion campaign. It paid off, and promptly earned the band a Latin Grammy nomination in the Best Pop Album category. Musically, this third album finds Los Claxons achieving a fully formed sound and delivering an entertaining set of pop/rock tunes that amalgamates well their U.S. (John Mayer, Dave Matthews) and Latin influences (Jarabe de Palo, Maná). Los Claxons may not set the world on fire, but it certainly demonstrates they have become a good all-around mainstream pop band. Highlights include the swirling guitar-driven single "Tal Vez Me Estoy Tomando el Pelo" and the laid-back "Los Claxons" (somewhat reminiscent of Jack Johnson), whose feel-good lyrics about chilling to the sound of Los Claxons on the radio may be taken as the band's statement of purpose.

Tal Vez Me Estoy Tomando el Pelo / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:08
Volcan / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons4:14
Más Grande Que el Sol / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:06
Préstame Atención / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:47
Tus Maletas / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:21
Invierno / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:38
En el Mismo Lugar / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:57
Adios / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:45
Ahí Fue Cuando / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:35
Primeros Auxilios / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons2:52
Buscando Casa / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:34
Los Claxons / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:48
Enero / Los ClaxonsLos Claxons3:58

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