Fastbacks - Very, Very Powerful Motor

Fastbacks - Very, Very Powerful Motor
Release Date:
Recording Location:
Egg Studios, Seattle, WA; Reciprocal Recording, Seattle, WA
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Punk-Pop
Very, Very Powerful Motor

1990 was a difficult time for Fastbacks; after nearly a decade together, the band had failed to gain a significant audience outside the Pacific Northwest, and Lulu Gargiulo opted to take a sabbatical from the group. Very, Very Powerful Motor, the band's second album, seems to reflect the problems facing the group; while it's tighter, snappier, and rocks a good bit harder than their debut, ... And His Orchestra, it's also one of the group's edgiest, most angst-filled recordings.

Alongside such pop-punk gems as "In the Summer" and "Says Who?" are a number of longer tunes where Kurt Bloch leaves himself plenty of space to work out on guitar (like "What to Expect/Dirk's Car Jam" and "Last Night I Had a Dream That I Could Fly"), and lyrically the overall tone of the album is one of anxiety and doubt. But while Fastbacks sounded gifted but tentative on their debut, here the band sounds like they were finally living up to their potential; Very, Very Powerful Motor is the first Fastbacks album to capture the group's qualities at full power.

In the Summer / Kurt BlochFastbacks3:19
Apologies / Nick JonesFastbacks1:49
Trouble Sleeping / Kurt BlochFastbacks3:15
Better Than Before / Kurt BlochFastbacks3:35
What to Expect/Dirk's Car Jam / Kurt BlochFastbacks5:03
Says Who? / Kurt BlochFastbacks4:14
Last Night I Had a Dream That I Could Fly / Kurt BlochFastbacks5:08
I Won't Regret / Kurt BlochFastbacks3:24
I Guess / Kurt BlochFastbacks2:41
Always Tomorrow / Kurt BlochFastbacks4:38
I'll Be Okay / Kurt BlochFastbacks5:12
Everything I Don't Need / Kurt BlochFastbacks3:55

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