George Fenton - Valiant [Original Soundtrack]

George Fenton - Valiant [Original Soundtrack]
Release Date:
August 16, 2005
Recording Location:
AIR Recording Studios, London, England; Angel Recording Studios, London, England; Right Track Studios, New York, NY
Valiant [Original Soundtrack]

The soundtrack to Valiant, an animated feature based on carrier pigeons used during World War II, was largely composed by George Fenton and performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Most of the selections are standard heroic-dramatic orchestral music, in keeping with the military-aviation-fight-against-evil-power theme of the movie. Chris Dean and the Syd Lawrence Orchestra break up the pace once with Glenn Miller-styled big-band swing with "Arrival at Camp," and "End Titles -- March of the R.H.P.S." is performed by the Central Band of the Royal Air Force. The only track not written by Fenton is "Shoo Shoo Baby," a strange update of a 1940s-style sassy vocal jazz number with early-21st century production, performed by Mis-Teeq. Note, incidentally, that although several noted actors (including Ewan McGregor, Tim Curry, John Cleese, John Hurt, and Jim Broadbent) provided voices for the animated birds in the movie, there is no dialogue from the film on this soundtrack CD.

Valiant, film score
Valiant / George FentonGeorge Fenton2:30
March of the R.H.P.S. / George FentonGeorge Fenton1:33
"Wish Me Luck" / George FentonGeorge Fenton2:10
Meeting Bugsy / George FentonGeorge Fenton1:01
Arrival at Camp (a) Drummed out of the Claw (b) In The Coop / George FentonGeorge Fenton2:47
Von Talon and the Bastion / George FentonGeorge Fenton3:26
Victoria and the Final Training / George FentonGeorge Fenton1:52
The Eve of the Mission (Adagio) / George FentonGeorge Fenton3:56
Mouse Division / George FentonGeorge Fenton4:20
Decoys / George FentonGeorge Fenton2:19
Re Grouping / George FentonGeorge Fenton1:11
The Rescue and Escape / George FentonGeorge Fenton12:47
Winged Heroes (Adagio and Fanfare) / George FentonGeorge Fenton1:40
End Titles - March of the R.H.P.S. / George FentonGeorge Fenton2:59
Shoo Shoo Baby / Phil MooreGeorge Fenton feat: Mis-Teeq2:39

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